Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas break!

I devise school. I do learn some stuff, but otherwise it is useless. Why can't we do it online? Or maybe they could make it a little shorter. Also, my first three periods I am half asleep. I sit stiffly glancing at the teacher occasionally, just so she knows I am actually awake. I surprisingly have a good grade in the first classes. So, now that you have heard all of my comments, you can hear the good news, it is winter break! Now I am sure it is going to fly by, but I am enjoying it very much, while it lasts. There is snow on the ground and I can actually play in it, so I am having a pretty good Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Yummy food!

If you didn't know, my sister is an amazing baker! Tonight, she is making peppermint, double chocolate cookies. Mmm. They are staring at me in the oven. Oh deer, this is very tempting. I have to go upstairs. Ok, that's much better. Where was I? Oh yes, she is a great baker. Well, you must know that if you have ever had a banana cream pie, it's nothing compared to my sisters. Let's just say you wouldn't be able to stop eating it!

Monday, 26 November 2012


Why hello there, I'm Angus, but most people just call me Snug, or baby, or whatever. I have a lot of nicknames. I am quite talented I do have to say. I howl along to one of my owner's violin and I sound much better too. I do agility in the basement and if you don't have quite enough brains to know what agility is, well you can just go find some other blog that interests you more. I am an amazing paper shredder and a awesome food vacuum. I do not like celery and, well that is pretty much it. I hope you found this a tad bit interesting. If you didn't, well let's just say that you do, ok? Good.